A weekend of WTAF!

What a weekend of golf this was. Looks like I picked the wrong day to play later in the day and miss 2 unlikely climaxes to tournaments featuring the stars of the .

I had been watching the Scandinavian Mixed Open throughout the tournament and was very much resigned to Sunday being a procession for the Swede Sebastian Söderberg. He had drummed up a magnificent, and what I thought, unsurpassable 8 shot lead going into the final round.

Seems as if Linn Grant did not get that memo. A collapse from Söderberg and a seven under par round from Grant turned the tournament around and she became the first player, male or female, to win this tournament twice.

And after become the first woman to win on the her 11 shot deficit was the largest comeback in the history of the tour.

A very special day for and she was so humble in her victory speak, showing compassion to Söderberg who must want to find a hole to crawl into. I am sure he will be back though.

Linn Grant interview

Across the pond, another Swede was lighting it up. This time on the . In her 99th LPGA event Linnea Strom became only the 7th player in LPGA history to score 60 or better.

Add to this that she was plum last going into the final round, tied 52nd, this was the largest comeback in the recent history. The previous last round comeback was from tied 23rd.

Winner winner

She scored 60, better than anyone by 4 shots and the scoring average on the day was 70,2. Absolutely incredible.

I caught the final day action late, with only Meghan Khang with a realistic chance to win. She didn’t get there in the end, with a bit of a mess of the last hole ruining her chances, but a good effort none the less.

What a weekend for Swedish Golf!

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