Great Start Daniel Son

After what seems like a lifetime the DP world tour is back. My routine is back and the golf is in the background as I work. But I’m delighted to see our Daniel son has started very well.

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Dan Gavins, known in Golf Mates circles as Daniel son, has made a blistering start to lead the Magical Kenya Open after the first round. As is the norm he mostly managed to elude the cameras but we did managed to see another monster putt holed on his final hole of the day.

With all the PGA chat surrounding Phil, Greg and the Saudi Golf League, let alone the atrocities that are happening in Ukraine, it is nice to get some light relief.

Watching live golf, albeit on TV, is a great getaway for me and I cannot wait for the winter to end so I can get near a golf course again.

Of course, the situation in Ukraine is awful and wish for peace and an end to the fighting as soon as possible. I can only imagine the emotions right now.

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