Is Ladies Professional Golf Relatable

To give some context to this post a little background about me and the reasoning about the story that I wish to highlight.

I am a 54 year old man who restarted golf about 5 years ago. I am 173cm tall and of a non-sporting physique. My swing speed is around 100/105mph and my handicap index is now 3,5.

I’m a regular viewer of the and just this week was blessed with behind the ropes access to the as a volunteer trolley pusher at the Ladies Open at Pickala Golf Club.

I do watch the DP World Tour and the and even watch the broadcasts sometimes but I really do like watching the ladies play, because, wait for it, I can relate to their games!

I have seen many a rant on Twitter by women getting upset at people like myself for calling the ladies game “relatable”. In this post, I examine from close experience whether it really is or not.

What is relatable anyway?

that someone can understand or feel sympathy for


For me this would mean something that is closer to me that something else. I could never hit the bombs that the pros hit. Their average drives are colossal in comparison to mine and their swing and ball speeds are off the planet in my eyes.

In the women’s game the players don’t, for the most part, swing out of their shoes, have swing speeds that are near to 105/110mph opposed to 125/130mph and appear to hit similar sort of distances with their clubs.

Clubs and distances

During my first few days as a “caddy” I was really able to measure against my player, Tvesa Malik. As mentioned here whilst caddying I was able to laser distances and figure out what clubs I would be hitting compared to her. For me there are 2 categories of interest: driving and iron play.

As I walked along side seven other players in total over the week, I would say Tvesa was one of the longest hitter off the tee. Linda Osala did stripe a few drives that were really long, but on the whole I would say that she was probably averaging about 240 meters from the tee. In other words I would be playing first every time if we were playing together.

For iron shots, I would suggest about half a club difference between her and I.

Comparison ends here

Now that the distances are out of the way, the “relatability” is kind of over. Tvesa‘s driving was exquisite. She missed perhaps 3 fairways over 2 days, she was really consistent with her ball striking: it was a joy to watch. She is young, so flexible, but didn’t seem to over exert herself so there could be a few more yards in the tank if required.

Mid irons were also a treat to watch. Again very pure striking for the most part and, as with all good players, a lovely high trajectory.

Other game parts

Again, I am not sure how relatable this is and may be specific to the player but I feel Tvesa‘s short game (100 yards and in) struggled a bit – perhaps a lack of confidence.

Her stats from this range were probably around something that I would be happy with (maybe not) but, as previously mentioned, she didn’t get into any trouble, had no double bogeys and really just a couple of up and downs could have seen her make the cut.

What was relatable was making a mess of the par 5 sixteenth hole, twice, making bogey both days from under 100 yards to go after two shots.

But I am not here to critique Tvesa‘s game. As said, I was watching her and five other players. As the two other players from Thursday and Friday also failed to make the cut, perhaps I can relate to that. They shot 80 & 81 respectively on their final day.

The course was set up differently to the normal members course, there were 6 tees from the whites (or tips) making the course longer than normal and the greens should have been faster than I’d normally experience.

There was a chance to play the course in tournament condition today but unfortunately my feet (blister) can not handle any more for this week. I’d have been interested to see how I faired. I did have the round of my life on this course a few weeks back, hence the 3,5 HCP index.



Most of the players did not get upset at anything. Meghan Maclaren was a great example of cool. You could not tell if she hit a good or bad shot.


Both the players I caddied for were very accurate from the tee box. I would love to be able to have that accuracy and distance – speed training this winter then? Meghan hit 85% fairways, Tvesa 75% 😀


None of the players I saw swung out of their boots. They all had super smooth tempo swings and never chased after anything.

Consistency of strike

Tvesa went back to a set of older irons, so she has had them for a while. They have wear marks that I hope you can see in the image below. (the club that made the hole in one).

Couple strike with the trajectory and you can see some great looking golf shots. The height these ladies hit the ball has incredible. As someone who started playing golf in Scotland in the wind I have always had a low ball flight. I would love to hit it like them.

Consistency overall

Both players I caddied from had no double bogeys. Of course, you cannot play well all the time but the players I caddied for hit greens regularly also, Meghan hit 76% greens, Tvesa 61%


It has been said before, but good golf is boring.

So is it relatable?

I would say in as far as swing speeds, and potentially clubbing: yes.

However that it really were the potential comparison stops. These ladies are a different level (LPGA even more so) and while I would to play matches with them week-in week-out I would like to playing with them and not against them.