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Minjee Lee Wins Again

I have to say that I really enjoy watching the LPGA. Not that I would come even close to beating any of the ladies in a match there is a certain air of realism to their games. They are methodical, lacking real egos and they hit the ball around the same distance as me.

This weekend’s tournament was at the Founders Cup. Minjee Lee managed to up a gear to win by a couple of shots. She perhaps struggled a bit throughout the round, not really getting the ball within good birdie range but she was quite comfortable in the end.

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This was Minjee’s 7th win on the LPGA tour and she is currently ranked 4 in the world. It is no surprise as she has been playing very well this year. The only surprise is that it took here so long to win this year. Thie has the number one ranking score average: 68,89.

Minjee has been great for quite some time, coming from a very strong amateur background. And as a junior, both she and her younger brother, Min Woo, have won the USGA junior championships respectively.

She is one of my favorite players on the tour so I was very happy to see her perform so well this week. Her form must put her amongst the favorites for the next Major, the US Women’s Open, in June.

Well done and good luck Minjee.