Saudi golf league

There is no DP World Tour golf this week so there has been a little void in my life. However, there is a lot of chatter about Phil Mickelson and the Saudi golf league.

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I am sitting on the fence for this one – mostly because the argument against Saudi’s human rights is, whilst undeniably bad *, little better or worse than many other nations that golfers appear quite happy to make money from.

* I do not condone or support Saudi Arabia one bit.

On the subject of competition – I believe that this is a good thing though it was very interesting to hear the punditry on or around the Farmers Insurance Open. Most commentators were saying that the field was weak, winning was demeaning etc.

Legacy is an interesting area of conversation. New events of course don’t have anything but they have to start somewhere. Counter that with firsts? WHo knows? It may be great for a few players. But will it ever be the same as winning The Masters with its pure and fine history (sarcasm).

Ultimately it comes down to money. Phil appears to be aggrieved that he as only made around $100 million from professional golf. I do get your gripes about image rights but you signed the contract Phil – about 30 years ago.

For the most part though I think his comments have been out of line and the obnoxious greed quote is a mirror of himself.

It’s your choice Phil, no one is stopping you but don’t forget your green jacket on the way out.

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