What makes Tiger g-g-g-great?

Tiger Woods, considered by many as the greatest golfer all time, announced his return to competitive golf for the Genesis Invitational that takes place at the Riviera Club this week. But what makes Tiger so good? Here are 5 reasons why Tiger is the GOAT.

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Career Achievements

Tiger Woods has won 82 PGA Tour titles, which is tied for the most all-time, and has won 15 major championships, second only to Jack Nicklaus. He has also held the world number one ranking for a record total of 683 weeks.


Tiger Woods was known for his dominance during his prime, which saw him win major tournaments by record margins, and winning five tournaments in a row on two separate occasions.


Tiger Woods has had a significant impact on the sport of golf, both in terms of his popularity and his ability to bring new fans to the game. He has also inspired a generation of young golfers and helped to grow the game in countries around the world.


Tiger Woods is widely regarded as one of the most skilled golfers to ever play the game, with a swing that is admired for its precision and power, and his ability to consistently hit incredible shots, particularly under pressure.


Despite facing several setbacks in his career, including injuries and personal issues, Tiger Woods has demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination, coming back from major injuries and other challenges to continue playing at the highest level.

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How will Tiger get on? It is conjecture at this time, but for me if he makes the cut that will be positive progress. It’s difficult to know what Tiger’s ambitions are: I’m sure that he doesn’t just want to turn up – he’s in it to win it, but is there any chance?

I’ll just be glad to see him back on the golf course again. What are your thoughts?