5 Reasons To Use The Red Lenses Golf App

Are you a user of the NexGolf booking system for your golf games? Red Lenses golf allows you to add your tee times directly to your calendar.

Calendar feed using Red Lenses Web App

As an avid golfer located in Finland and playing at Pickala Golf Club all out tee reservations are done using NexGolf course management software.

One thing that I felt was missing was the ability to see upcoming golf rounds in a calendar so I built a simple web application that does just that.

Here are 5 reasons that you should be using the Red Lenses golf application:

See your schedule

If you have a combined calendar you can see if you have conflicting events at a glance so it’s easy to say “sorry, I am playing golf!”.

Share your bookings

Adding tee times to your calendar allows you to share these times with others. So if you don’t mind that your partner knows exactly where you are there is no need to explain all the time

Trigger phone events

Depending on your phone type, and whether you want triggers based on geofencing you can silence your phone, for example, based on your calendar schedule.

Playing partner status

Check who you are playing with and what handicap they play off straight from the calendar event.

Works with most calendars

There are multiple formats available but the ICS version has been tested on multiple calendar software and works on Apple, Google calendar, and Microsoft Outlook. Please note that the service is dependent on the NexGolf application service.

Bonus tip: It’s free

All these features in one simple web application come at absolutely no cost, so if you belong to any of the clubs listed on NexGolf courses then why not jump over to Red Lenses Golf to find out more.


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