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LIV Golf 2024 Calendar

I love have all the interests and activities in one calendar that I can view on my phone or laptop and one set of events that I was missing was the LIV Golf Tour events for 2024.

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I am not going to watch every event but LIV’s “marketing” seems to make it quite difficult to know when events are on. This may be a time zone thing general interest but I’ve gone weekends only to find out that a “tournament” was on.

Googling and viewing hasn’t really provided any options to add events to your calendar so I created a file.

Grab the file here, download it or subscribe to it. This is a static file and was created with the help of

Let me know if you have any issues or questions or more importantly that is worked as expected. I’m particularly interested in the timezones.

I’ve added @livgolf_league tournaments to my calendar using @golfisfun’s ics file