Rainbow on the golf course

My Golf YouTube Channel

I started my YouTube channel earlier this year and realized just how hard it is to film without the buy-in of your playing partners.

What’s in the bag in 2022? It changed some through the season.

I did the inevitable “what’s in the bag” for a warm-up but the first real golf videos were filmed on the par 3 course, Garden, at Pickala Golf Club in Siuntio, Finland. Editing is quite shoddy and there is a lot of work to try and live up to the title of FUN.

To that end, I decided to put filming on hold and try to focus on the golf. As you can My Golf Year 2022: summary it was quite okay – and it was FUN!!!

However, I thought at this point I would share my favorite channels, not a top 5, which is coming soon, but a general list of great content providers.

The inspiration for my media company – these guys and gals highlight some great courses. The players’ abilities can vary but I feel there is something for every golfer.

There are instructors on there too. As recommended by many great golfers and podcasters, be careful not to think about this stuff too much: these instructions don’t fit all players and it can be overwhelming.

The link is below, enjoy the content and please let me know what you think. I am now on Mastodon by the way. Why not start a nice conversation there?