Top 3 Golf YouTube Videos plus a bonus

There are some great YouTube videos. Here is a selection of the best golf videos out there, many of them featuring pros. All will take a bit of time to watch, but they are worth it.

Fore Play & Max Homa

Whether you like or regularly watch, the Fore Play guys’ podcasts or videos I would highly recommend watching this match.

Max Homa v Fore Play crew

At almost 2 hours in length, this is a great production with drones, multiple mics, and cameras. This video cemented my man crush on Max: he came across as really nice, humble, funny, and ultimately very determined.

NLU with Jordan Spieth & Justin Thomas

NLU with JT & Jordan

Rick Shiels & Rickie Fowler

Rick v Rickie

All of the videos highlighted above give an insight into a good player’s thoughts on the course, and perhaps a glimpse into the person behind the pro athlete you see weekly on the tour

Bonus Videos

Into the honorable mentions goes Good Good Golf. Their recent collaborations have been incredible. I created a playlist here so check it out.

If you enjoyed the Rick Shiels video, there are a few more with top golfers such as Tommy Fleetwood and Adam Scott. I’ve created a playlist of these >> check it out here <<

As “bonus” bonus video I am currently watching a great match between Bob Does Sports playing against Keegan Bradley: this promises to be a cracker.

Bob does sports

What are your favorite golf vlogs?

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