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Top 5 Golf PodCasts

I listen to podcasts a lot. Every day when I am walking the dog, or just walking (my most common form of exercise), I have my AirPods on and drift back into the world of golf.

I do listen to other topics, I find Andrew Cannon’s The Art of Science and Joy particularly inspirational, but it is mostly golf. Here are my top 5 golf pods, and what they generally cover.

The Sweet Spot Podcast

I should really save the best to last, but this is my favorite podcast. Hosted by Jon Sherman and Adam Young, this digs into all aspects of playing golf.

Their podcasts don’t, normally, run in order and they should remain relevant and timeless for years to come. Their philosophy towards the game is more about the fundamentals and geared towards expectation management and enjoyment no matter the listener’s skill level. Find the pod from these search results.

As a bonus, Mr. Sherman has written a book that will guide you to better golf without having to change your golf swing. Check out The Four Foundations of Golf, I highly recommend it.

Hack it Out Podcast

Hosted by golf teaching pro turned YouTube golf professional Mark Crossfield, the show also includes PGA player Greg Chalmers and the stat hole, Lou Stagner.

The pod covers many aspects of the game and is light-hearted for the most part but can get quite heated if you say anything against Tiger Woods. The insights of one of the greatest putters on the planet and the data from the main tracking systems that Lou has access to make this super interesting.

And along the lines of Lou’s tweets, this pod should help you improve your game if you #manageYourExpectations.

Beef’s Golf Club

This is a new, started in 2022, podcast that is hosted by the DP World Tour player Andrew “Beef” Johnson and John Robbins, from Bad Golf infamy. This is just a fun chat show with loads of golf banter and their dream to build the perfect golf club. Find out more here.

Rick Shiels Golf Show

I do watch Rick Sheil’s main channel – the matches with the pros are excellent and I only fairly recently started listening to the podcast.

They talk golf, have a general chit-chat, and can have great guests. A lot of the chat is around Rick’s YouTube channel and it compliments it quite well.

It should be noted that I don’t follow the YT channel, I am a listener to podcasts, not a watcher.

The First Cut

Very US-centric pod, this is a great pod if you want to know about what’s happening on the PGA Tour. From betting guides, previews, and daily recaps of the events of the day this is a great insight into tour life.

You can find out more on the CBS podcast page.

Honorable mentions

Other golf podcasts that I recommend you check out are listed below:

Is there anything missing from the list? What is your favorite podcast?