20220514 Summary

The first round of the weekend included quite a heavy and unexpected shower after around five holes. But the rain did not dampen the spirits and the whole group managed to play within an acceptable buffer.

Date14th May 2022
CourseForest, Pickala Golf CLub
TeesBlue: 5 400 meters
Gross Score78
Playing HCP4
Net Score72

This was a game of 2 halves. Fairly solid in the first nine, all over the place in the second. We were playing from the “senior” tees, so there was a bit of an advantage on about 4 of the holes otherwise the tees are similar to the standard yellow tees.

Scorecard for 14th May 2022

The main highlight was the number of legitimate birdie opportunities I had. I would say that I had about 7 chances from 3 meters and under. Unfortunately, the greens are pretty raw and sandy since the course has only been open for a couple of weeks. I am not using that as an excuse but I am also not that worried about missing 5 of the 7 chances I had. It will come.

Driving was pretty decent. I didn’t hit the ball very far today, but I also didn’t hit it into too much trouble either. I striped a lot of irons today, thus the birdie chances. Putting was mostly poor and my chipping was crap.

Around the greens is an area that I really need to practice. If I want to get my handicap down to 4 then this part of the game must improve.

I have a voucher for one lesson with one of our club professionals and vouchers for several more. I should really get a booking.

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