20220605 Summary

The second round of the week, and we are on Seaside again. Did I manage to keep the demons away?

Short answer: yes. Sort of. I introduced new bad outcomes that were hopefully one-time but I continued my poor run of form.

Date5th June 2022
CourseSeaside, Pickala Golf CLub
TeesYellow: 5 700 meters
Gross Score84
Playing HCP5
Net Score79
Sunday Summary

I won’t go into the trauma of the first hole but I did manage to find the fairway. That is where the good stuff stopped. My first real highlight came on the 5th hole. I smashed my 18,5-degree hybrid iron right down the center of the fairway about 215 meters from the tee.

After crashing from that shot, the rest of the round was about trying to make some memories. I was getting desperate.

Roll on the 17th hole following one from another hybrid tee shot this time 150 meters to the pin. I was a bit between clubs but ended up hitting a really sweet 7-iron pin high. I was 2-4 meters away and of course, missed the putt but this was probably the strike of the day.

Final highlight: the final hole. 120 meters with a pitching wedge to about the same distance as the previous hole. Obviously, this was not really close to the hole but it was a great hit, right on the line of the flag, and the outcome was really determined by a mound at the front of the green. I think if I had carried about a meter more this would have been really close.

So I managed to snatch a few nice memories from a round otherwise memorable for my ripped heels from the new golf shoes I was wearing.