20220707 Summary

Another midweek round. On Park again. This time we moved it forward to the blue tees for a bit of fun. Yesterday’s round was perhaps a bit of a fluke and my expectations were pretty low.

And rightly so. This round turned out to be a bit of a shocker. Yet again it was quite hard thinking back on the round and trying to pick out highlights.

Date7th July 2022
CoursePark, Pickala Golf Club
TeesBlue: 5 400 meters
Gross Score79
Playing HCP4
Net Score75
Park Summary

Trying to pick out the good shots, the best strike of the day was on the 16th hole.

16th Hole

I finally hit a drive of the centre of the club face and with a tail wind and most likely a very friendly bounce I left myself an iron to the par 5 after a 273 meter smash. I duffed the iron shot onto the green and two putted for my only birdie of the day.

2nd Hole

Another highlight was 3 hybrid driving iron. I used this club quite a bit today and high point was probably on the second hole. I managed to cut the corner and carry the trees to leave around 140 meters into the pin.

The final highlight was the driver again, overall the driver was perhaps the best club in the bag today.

18th Hole

Again I managed to fluff a shot in on the way to a bogey, but 246 meter drive over the trees was a nice way to finish from the tee. As you can see from the image I ended up with a bogey, to come back in 37 (1 over) so things were improving.

However, overall the iron play especially was very poor. I hope this improves over the weekend.