Golf Season Over Before it Begins

As May Day holiday approaches the grim reality has hit: my golf season may be over before it even begins.

Winter returning has put paid to many spring rounds so a solitary round at the beginning of April then a couple this weekend are my only ventures to the course.

But this weekend the signs were there that my season may be over. Since the middle of February I have had slight shoulder pains that seemed very familiar.

A few years ago I got frozen shoulder. This meant that my should was almost completely incapacitated. I was not playing golf at the time but I do remember the extreme discomfort.

On Saturday I was able to make full swings at normal speed. On Sunday I was not. I had 3/4 speed swings with a very limited range of movement due to the increasing pain level in my shoulder & upper arm.

By Monday morning I could not raise my left arm higher than below my shoulder.

A couple of days off work ensued, where I could barely type or stay awake. I got some half-decent painkillers so the soreness is not so prevalent – the inflexibility is.

I’ve cancelled all games this week but in my heart of hearts know that it will be at least a month before I can go anywhere near the course again. If I am lucky.

I’ll go back to work later this week and try to talk to a doctor to check the diagnosis. Obviously I need to work to make money and I really can’t work right now.

But being away from the golf course is a harder bug to bear. This is what I live for.

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.