Golf Simulator Season Over – What did I learn

For the third year running I have (almost) managed to survive a long winter without real golf by play sim golf weekly with friends.

Playing time has been used to keep the swing going over the winter months, and practice hitting a bit with no real practice sessions – more playing simulations. This has been fun and probably more fun that actually practicing.


With all my aspirations for my golf, ultimately I am lazy and do not practice and prefer learning by playing. I feel the road to my improvement will be attained more through mental attitude that swing mechanics.

Last year I bought myself a “shag bag” and filled it with golf balls with the aim of going to the practice area and practicing. I didn’t make it.

But I did improve due to managing expectations and trying to get the most of the moment – enjoying the atmosphere and being grateful.

My goals for the winter were to get fitter physically and to maybe try to do some speed training. However, like my shag bag and practice range efforts I didn’t get anywhere near exercise.

Swing speed

I did however just think “f**k it”, and tried to start swinging a bit faster anyway. On course in 2023 I am pretty sure I was gaming around 95mph for the most part. With no consequences in the simulator I have managed to get my speed to comfortably over 100mph. With a change of ball over the close season I hope that this can add up to 10+ meters to my average driving distance.


I keep stats for most things golf. I keep a note of my driving distances (see swing speed) and obviously I have my scores over the past 3 years.

I did actually think that I played better in 2024 compared to the same period in 2023. However my scoring average suggests different.

I think the big difference has been poor short game and the fact I have been plagued by the shanks in recent weeks. Driving has improved, not only further but in play way more often – this is another key goal for the coming season.

Improvement areas

My real golf stats suggest the same sort of deficiencies – I average around 33 putts which is nowhere near good enough. I would suggest that the putt count is so high due to the approach / short game. There are no excuses. I will need to get my shag bag to the practice area and practice.

Much of the mistakes made, shanks aside, could be reduced with better thinking and perhaps the walk between shots would be easier to get back into a zone than in simulation.

What did I learn?

  • Just hit it – swinging slower, guided swings does not work for me
  • Just keep playing – stolen from Madelene Sagström: live for the moment, don’t be affected by shots at all
  • Probably nothing – no doubt I will get on course with limited to no warm up each time and lose interest after the usual disasters on the first couple of holes

This post was written a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to publish. I’ve played once so far and it was an enjoyable disaster. The golf was terrible but I am grateful for the opportunity.