The Golf Season Has Started – Kind Of

Finally. Pickala Golf Club has opened its par 3 course, Garden, and there is a semblance of real golf away from the simulator.

At this time last year, we have already been on one of the main courses after a few weeks of pitch and putt. This time around there is still quite a bit of snow and there is still a frost at night.

This was an opportunity to get the camera out again and this time tweak the video with a bit of commentary. I normally use a Crosstour CT9900 action camera attached to my golf bag but as I was only carrying a few clubs I tried with iPhone and gimble (which is broken). As you can see, the results were quite varied so this is really just a practice to build up skills in a few areas before hopefully much nicer videos.

The video cuts are a bit raw and there are obviously few frills right now but give it time. Check out the video above, give it a like if you want, and subscribe so you get all the latest videos.

And please, please, please leave a comment and tell me what you would like to see and what I can improve.

PS: I said in the video that I was well and truly thrashed in the game. It wasn’t 15 shots though: it was 16. 😀