The First Video Published

At last, I have finally pushed a golf video to YouTube. After years of threatening to do so, I uploaded a short clip of this week’s simulator golf highlight.

Of course, it is winter here in Finland so there is no on-course action just yet, but I thought that it would be good at least to test the software that I currently have, see how YouTube actually works and give the views a sneak peek of what is to come.

This is the 17th hole at Taiheiyo Club Minori Course. A slightly pulled drive, a peach of a second – why am I telling you this? Give the video a view … and a “like”. Please 🙂

There will be more sim videos to come hopefully giving you an insight into our purchasing decision going forward. A couple of friends and I are looking to buy a simulator for fun and business and we are trying out the current options. In Finland, the Helsinki area, there has been an explosion in the golf sim market and we are seeking a way to differentiate.

Stay túned for more. In the meantime, please comment below on what you look for when choosing to play indoor golf: for fun; for practice?