Rainbow on the golf course

Chasing the YouTube Dream

I’ve been following golf on YouTube golf for quite a few years now and have a string of favorite channels that I wish I could emulate in some way. This year I am going to chase this dream and pursue a career in a field I am truly passionate about.

For the past few years I have been dabbling in YouTube and last year I even started the season with a few videos, read more about the Golfisfun18 YouTube channel, but I soon realised that it is hard work and really needs the buy-in of your playing partners to help with speed of play, add value to the content and generally make fun videos.

Testing out graphics

I have been checking out as much alternative golf content, assessing what works and what does not. Not all content will work for all golf consumers but I truly believe that there are a few niches that can still be filled.

To this end, I am asking for help. My location is not conducive to year-round golf but now would be a great time to start discussions and planning for the new season. So what do I want?

I am calling on any/all women golfers in Uusimaa, Southern Finland, to get in touch about golf collaboration. I have a few ideas for content and filling a few gaps in the market. As a middle-aged (?), lowish handicap player at Pickala Golf Club, near Helsinki, I obviously would have a potential niche but I would really like to create something different.

No restrictions on age or playing ability apply but a passion for golf and an interest in social media are a must. A good command of English is required but I am also open to making content in Finnish (although I don’t speak it myself).

Gents can contact me too, but I would say that a similar age or life circumstances would probably fit best.

So, if you are a golfer based in the Helsinki area and are interested in kick-starting a YouTube career ping me on Mastodon or Twitter, and let’s talk. Alternatively you can find me on Golf GameBook or NexGolf: I.m not hard to find 😀