Top 5 Golf YouTube Channels – instructional

YouTube golf can be a minefield when it comes to instructional videos. There are 1000s of videos ranging from absolute nonsense and non-truths to exceptional ones that can really help your game.

However it should be noted that

  • not all tips work for every golfer
  • you should be very selective in what you absorb
  • be very careful not to flood your mind with too many swing thoughts
  • a change in one part of your swing can affect another part adversely

So use caution when watching instructional videos. There are pluses but if you really want to get advice on your golf game in a safer and more personal way, go seek out your local golf professional. Here is a really good podcast on taking golf advice. You can find the Sweet Spot on all major podcasting channels, I highly recommend it. It was one of my top 5 golf podcasts.

Danny Maude

Danny has 100s of short video tips and ideas to improve your game. I like this channel because the tips are quite simple to understand and are mostly aimed at the recreational golfer – of all abilities.

Golf drills

He often updates the same drills or thoughts with better descriptions or ways to understand things. Like choosing a real life coach, the pros may be of similar coaching standards but one may be able to explain things better in a way that is easier for you to comprehend.

Alex Elliot

Alex is a top rated coach in the UK and his videos are short and to the point. There are lots of nice nuggets of information and he visualises things very well.

Powered by the viewer

The next three channels are very swing specific. The first two, especially, focus on Ben Hogan-esq swing technique and single plane golf swings.

Saguto Golf

This guy is a bit of an enigma. I’m not sure if he is for real or not, but I do like his videos where he encourages you to hit it crispy.

Hit it crispy

Kirk Junge

Kirk is very focused on the single plane golf swing, his videos are perhaps not the most dynamic but they are easy to follow and this technique is supposed to be one of the easiest to implement allow a quicker route to better golf.

Set up for impact

Steve Johnston

I like Steve for a number of reasons: he’s a pro in Peebles (a place I hold dear to my heart), he’s funny and he provides some very useful snippets of information that have really helped me.

He’s ginger and he support Hearts so there are a couple of downsides to him but his content makes up for it.

Transform your game in seconds

Honourable Mentions

This section highlights some of the other great instructors out there. They didn’t make the top list for me because they provide other content types away from instruction that can perhaps dilute what superb teaching videos they do have.

So who are your favourites? Do you watch instructional videos or do you only take advice from a select few?

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